2017 Participant Gallery

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Photo of Steve Geist
Steve Geist
Consulting Arborist, Swingle Lawn Tree and Landscape Care


Hometown: Aurora, CO

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
I’m riding the Tour because I still can. It is one of the ways I can give back to the tree care profession. Urban trees face more perils than they did when I started my career 34 years ago and more knowledge is required to face these threats.

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Photo of William Gerhardt
William Gerhardt


Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
My first childhood home was on a wooded lot and I loved being able to go out exploring nature. Since then I have always had an appreciation for their beauty and as I moved and traveled they reminded me of my childhood and home. After becoming a Master Gardener, I came to appreciate even more the significant ecological role of trees. I have always loved cycling and a few years ago I started mountain biking. I loved being able to cycle through wooded trails and look forward to exploring new areas. So the Tour des Trees gives me the opportunity to cycle and raise money for the sustainment of trees.
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Photo of Al Gilens
Al Gilens
Photographer/Writer, Self-Employed


Hometown: Gladwyne, PA

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
To celebrate life with friends and to assist the health of our beleaguered planet.

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Photo of Kathy Gilmour
Kathy Gilmour
Sawyer Nursery


Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
To help support tree research and education and to hang out with my TREE Family!

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