2017 Participant Gallery

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Photo of Barbara Ballard
Barbara Ballard
Registered Nurse, Atrium Medical Center


Hometown: Middletown, OH

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
As a first year rider, I am excited to join this amazing family of cyclists and support staff. Planting trees, educating kids, and sharing how trees benefit our community and personal well-being is a wonderful way to practice healthy living.

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Photo of Harry Banker
Harry Banker


Hometown: Lavallette, NJ

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
Hi tech told me to.

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Photo of Josh Behounek
Josh Behounek
The Davey Tree Expert Company
Photo of Kristina Bezanson
Kristina Bezanson
College Professor, Tidewater Community College


Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
I am excited the 2017 Tour will be in my home chapter area this year. I am riding to help support tree research and education.

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Photo of Kenny Brodin
Kenny Brodin
Sales, Kong USA


Hometown:Jamestown, RI

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
As a resident of planet Earth I am a full stakeholder in the health of our ecosystem! Riding a few hundred miles to raise awareness of the importance of protecting trees is a pretty easy thing to do. Our climbing equipment is designed to protect the tree climbers, and now I have the opportunity to help protect the trees themselves!

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Photo of Beth Buchanan
Beth Buchanan
Arboriculture/Urban Forestry; Semi-retired from Davey Tree


Hometown: Mantua, OH

Why are you riding the STIHL Tour des Trees?
I ride for the trees that clean our air and water and help make communities and cities better places to live. Our industry depends upon good science to guide our practices and the money we raise goes to this important research! Plus, it is a week spent with my sister, Melanie and many other great friends from all over the country (and the world!).

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