Back by Poplar Demand!

Professor Elwood Pricklethorn, everyone’s favorite Certifiable Arborfessor, is back! The Prof, a.k.a. Warren Hoselton, (Toronto arborist and veteran of 10 Tours), has signed on as the children’s education presenter for the 2013 Tour. Sporting a white wig and matching lab coat, Pricklethorn actively engages kids in learning about trees and their care. The Professor is booked at several locations during the 2013 Tour and is sprucing up for a command performance in his hometown of Cobourg, Ontario on August 2nd. The TREE Fund is treemendously excited to have Professor Pricklethorn “touring” with us in 2013!

One Response to “Back by Poplar Demand!”

  1. Warren Hoselton says:

    Trust me on this… Pricklethorn has been pining for this opportunity for years now!

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